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Custom Tattoo Design

We do not make sketches and/or designs to email. Tattoos are for life, and so we find it a bit too important and too personal to handle this via e-mail. So please take the time and trouble to call stop by to discuss your personal wishes with us, only then we make an appointment and go for the full 100% start to your tattoo! Questions about what a tattoo will cost over the telephone and/or e-mail not be answered!

On the day of the appointment, the design will be worked out and tattooed by one of our talented tattoo artists. Make sure you are well rested and have eaten well before the appointment. Via email we don’t make prior sketches. We want that you make part of the whole process with as end result, a custom-made tattoo!

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Please contact ArtCastle Tattoo or visit our tattoo shop in Zeist, Utrecht!

The Tattoo Shop

Visit our tattoo shop at Zeist (Utrecht, the Netherlands) to meet our talented tattoo artists. At Artcastle Tattoo you will find the brightest colors, tightest lines and most detailed portrait tattoos. We work in a cozy environment and hope to meet you at our professional tattoo shop in Zeist soon! Walk in any time to talk about your dream tattoo.

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Tattoo price indication

If you want to discuss your tattoo wishes with us, please visit our tattoo shop in Zeist. We don't give price indications via email or phone. To make an appointment, call us (030 888 61 80) or send an email ([email protected]).

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We make appointments for getting tattoos via email or phone. Got any questions? Feel free to
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In our tattoo shop you can only pay with cash!