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How should I take care of my tattoo?

We keep the official tattoo guidelines of the Public Health Service. You get after getting your tattoo, an explanation from your tattoo artist about how to care for it and you will get a list where all points again clearly stand. Also, you might get all the skin care information found on our aftercare page .

How much does a tattoo cost?

That’s a tough question. As we only put custom tattoos it’s not possible to determine beforehand how much your tattoo will be. We ask customers to come by the shop. We can personally take you through what your needs are, whether it is possible or not and how big your tattoo should be. We will make a price based on the conversation.

Does my tattoo get updated?

The tattooing is only half the ‘battle’, how the tattoo will look like in the end is to make a large part of how you take care of him. If you do not care of him there may be bright spots coming in that can be updated by itself. Do not let you get fooled by your friends and acquaintances, drop by our tattoo shop we determine whether it needs to be updated or not.

Do you also sample folders where I can choose from?

No we have not. We make all our custom tattoos. You can always come with your idea, then we talk about it together and then we can come out with a tattoo that suits you well and will look like. We do have photo folders in the shops of our previous work or take a look at our portfolio . Also hang homemade drawings and paintings in the shop so you can always come for a little inspiration.

Are you a certified tattoo shop?

Yes, we get checked every 2 years by the health department. They give off a certificate stating that the tattoo shop hygienic proceed.

Do you work with appointments?

We work with and without an appointment. Come here to visit us in Zeist at the tattoo shop or call us at 030 888 61 80 for more info.

Do you also tattoo processed ash in the ink?

Yes we do, but by appointment only. We have the axis at least one day in advance in order to process in the ink. Come if you want a tattoo as always even visit us in the studio!

Do you also refurbish tattoos on which I am not satisfied with?

That light is a bit on what state is the tattoo. Come into the shop to let him just to see, then we can decide on that basis whether we can and want to refurbish it. Keep in mind that some things are just too bad tattooed and that there is no honor for us to get more out, it may be that we say no.

Can I use my old tattoo, allow you to cover it?

If your tattoo is suitable. If you want something first stop by the shop so we can determine if it can. Make sure you have a general idea of ​​what direction you want with your tattoo, then we can help you better.

Can you laser tattoo’s too?

No. Tattoos are for life .

Do you also tattoo a tattoo that I designed myself?

That light is a bit of what it’s for drawing. It should tattoo technically to do, and we need as tattoo artist does endorse. Take your tattoo design along to the shop in Zeist and let him see you.

How old do I need to be to get a tattoo?

We put tattoos from age 16 with parental consent and 18 years without it. By law, you may be tattooed from 12 under parental supervision but we do not support, so always take to avoid uncertainty identification with it.

I can’t have a babysitter for my kids, can I take them to the shop?

No sorry. In Artcastle tattoo in Zeist is no admission for children under 12 years.

Can I bring my dog ​​/ pet?

No, pets are not welcome at Artcastle tattoo Zeist.

Can I bring my food in the shop?

Yes, according to our rules should not be eaten in the workplace but does have a number of bars and tables outside the work floor to eat something but do of course not too crazy.

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